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Cookies Policy

1. What is a “cookie”

It is a text file or software element that registers information related to the user’s end navigation on the Internet. It is under the user’s browser control and sometimes it consists of a unique and random number. It can be read, destroyed or modified.

2. Why does Michelin use cookies?

Michelin is continuously looking for new ways to improve its website and offer the user a better service. Therefore, Michelin uses different types of cookies as indicated below and may require previous consent of the user (publicity type) before the cookie is installed in your terminal.

3. How does Michelin communicate the types of cookies it uses?

When you enter the site for the first time, a legal notice of the site will redirect you to an internet page with all the details about the cookies that are used and installed. In any case, you have control of those cookies and may choose to reject or destroy them.

4. How to reject or install cookies ?

a. In a computer.

There are two ways to uninstall cookies On one side, it is possible to verify the cookies that are already installed thanks to the Internet browser and delete them one by one or all at once.

It is also possible to delete cookies manually, following these steps :

You may also establish parameters in the internet browser to block or receive a warning before installing a cookie. The steps may differ according to each browser but you may find instructions in the « help » menu. Parameter establishment can be executed individually in each one of the terminals

b. On a smartphone or tablet

It is possible to uninstall or delete cookies following these steps:

The installment or blocking of cookies for Michelin sites can affect or even avoid the use of such sites.

5. What kind of cookies does Michelin use ?

Cookies can be temporary and last only the time you are navigating on the website, or permanent which means with a longer duration according to the internet browser parameters. There are different kinds of cookies that may be regrouped in the four groups listed below:

Necessary cookies

These are used to provide a communication service online and are essential to the correct functioning of the website. Its deactivation leads to important difficulties regarding the use of the site, even the impossibility of accessing the offered services. These cookies do not keep user’s information after abandoning the site. They allow to identify the terminals to route the communication, number sets of data in a desired order and detect transmission erros or data loss.

Functional cookies

These are necessary to provide a communication service online from a user’s explicit request. They provide a specific functionality to the user. If cookies are uninstalled, it will not be possible to provide a service. Functional cookies may collect personal data. This information may be kept after navigating the website and may be transmitted to members only to provide necessary services. These are, for example, cookies that register user’s preferences such as language, cookies of «user’s session » (that may identify the user when navigating in several websites and keep their data for as long as the session is active) or, even cookies used as «shopping carts ».

Audience measurement cookies

These cookies allow the recognition of visitors during their different visits. They keep only one internet user (assigned to each cookie) and are not used to collect information about visitors in any way. They register the visited sites, time of visit and error messages that allow the optimization of services in Michelin websites.

Even though it it is possible for members to install and manage measurement audience cookies, Michelin limits its use to requested statistical analysis.

Cookies used for social network tracking cookies generated by social network sharing buttons

Selection and traceability cookies allow third parties to offer services specially publicity type and improve their efficency. These cookies may retain web pages and visited sites and collect personal data, particularly the IP address of the terminal of the user. The collected data may be shared with others.

It is related to cookies that allow publicity companies to promote services adapted to the users’ interests according to their navigation choices in Michelin’s sites or the ones that avoid repetition, such cookies require authorization from the user. In this case, a banner will show in the website of the requested site asking him for consent to install those cookies.

Michelin and third parties, such as Google, together use origin cookies and third-party cookies to obtain information, optimize and communicate advertisement according to visits to the Michelin sites and those third parties use the same type of cookies to generate reports of the number of visits to the sites and the interaction with those advertisements and publicity services. At last, Michelin and third parties use those type of cookies to keep the users’ interests and demographic data with the objective of proposing targeted advertisement.

Michelin uses social plugins thar redirect the user to social media such as : Facebook, LinkedIn o YouTube.

When visiting our website, these buttons are automatically deactivated, meaning they do not redirect any information to social media without the user’s intervention. Before being able to use these buttons, the user must activate them by clicking on them. Buttons will remain activated until the user deactivates them or deletes cookies, After the activation, the system establishes a link with the server and the selected social media. The content of the button is transferred directly from the social media to the internet browser, which integrated them to the visited site. From the moment a button is activates, the social media may collect data, even if you use the mentioned button. In case you are connected to a social media, it is capable of relating the current visit to the user’s account, The visit of other Michelin sites will not be added as long as the button is not activated in those sites.

If the user is a member of that social media and does not want it to establish a link between the collected data and the information registered, it is necessary to disconnect from the social media before activating these buttons.

It is relevant to mention we do not have any influence over the volume of data gathered by social media through the user’s buttons. To know the volume of gathered data, its purpose, treatment and utilization of the information in the social media, as well as rights and possibilities to determine parameters available for the user to protect his private information and read about data protection of such social media.

Our website uses the following social media buttons :


Name Placed by Objective Duration
wday_vps_cookie Workday Load balancer cookie for sticky session Session
timezoneOffset Workday Sets time zone Session
sessionLoggingInfo Workday Browser and OS information Session
PLAY_SESSION Workday Identifies play session Session
PLAY_LANG Workday Identifies selected language Session
JSESSIONID Workday Identifies shared sessions Session


Cookie control:

Do you accept the use and reading of cookies to analyze your surfing and allow us to measure the audience of our website ?

Yes □ No □

Do you agree we can keep and access cookies to allow the sharing of our website with others and share your opinion with other people who has visited our website (such as the “like” button on Facebook)? When enabling the social media buttons by clicking on the icon you are authorizing the cooked to be stored or accessed

Yes □ No □


DATE : November 2019

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