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Tires and more

Michelin is committed to diversification of its activities. The Group offers a wide range of products as well as innovative services and new structures that enable the company to meet the challenges of more sustainable mobility.

Did you know?

200 raw materials

are used in a tire


titles available in 24 countries

16.5 millions of products

sold under Michelin Lifestyle license

Innovative tires in all categories

From mountain bikers to mine vehicule drivers, from races drivers to passenger car drivers, everyone has access to Michelin tire quality. But who knows that these tires are actually products of great technological complexity? Can you imagine that almost 150 components are used in the manufacture of each tire, that the largest one weight 5 tons, and that the fastest one performs in moto GP at 335 km/h?

Мы помогаем миру летать
Мы работаем в тесном сотрудничестве с авиаконструкторами и международными авиакомпаниями, помогая создавать более легкие и прочные самолеты.
Мы помогаем командам побеждать
Мы концентрируем наши усилия на улучшении технологий и безопасности, чтобы превосходить ожидания пилотов гонок и приводить их к незабываемым победам.
Мы помогаем накормить планету
Мы внедряем инновации, направленные на повышение продуктивности фермеров и урожайности сельскохозяйственных культур при одновременной защите био разнообразия и окружающей среды.
We help to build the world
We innovate through amazing projects to build the world of tomorrow.
  • Michelin contributes to feed the world

Our distribution networks

Michelin responds to 3 key missions:

Mobility experience

To make you live unique moments, every day Michelin accompanies you in your discoveries and new mobility experiences:

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