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Read the following legal warning carefully. You may e-mail us to the following address: or visit the Michelin Career site. The companies that belong to the Michelin Group are considered legal individuals and posses a legal condition separately. Nevertheless, the terms “Michelin”, “Group”, “Michelin Group” and “us” may be used to name every company of the Group, each one runs their business independently.


The purpose of this legal warning is to establish the conditions under which Michelin makes this website available as well as the terms and conditions that rule its access and use. The use of the website is conditioned to the compliance of this legal warning and Michelin reserves the right to modify or update it at any time. When accessing and using this website, you agree the terms and conditions of this legal warning.


2.1 Website: Access and use

Michelin strives to guarantee that the website is available, however is not obliged to it. The Access to the website may be modified, temporarily suspended, or deleted for maintenance reasons, update or any other reason, specially due to technical, legal or security reasons. Michelin is not responsible of those interruptions or the consequences they may have for the user. You are compromising to avoid accessing or using the website in a fraudulent manner.

2.2 Content: Access and use

This website is available to all users and contains several titles that include, amongst other, job offers, vacancy requests, unrequested applications, user replies to their requests and management of e-mail alerts.

Michelin reserves the right to modify, correct, interrupt or remove some or all contents and/or the website at anytime without previous notice.

After sending a request, requested o ton reply yo a job offer, an acknowledgment of receipt will be sent to the  e-mail address entered by the user within 48 hours.

When the user replies or presents a non-requested application, Michelin is committed to inform the user about the result of that request within a reasonable time frame. Beyond this time frame, if a response is not received from Michelin, the request Will be considered as unaccepted. Nevertheless, Michelin reserves the right to communicate with the user in the future, in case his profile adapts to another job offer within a two-year period, as long as the user has not asked Michelin to delete his personal information from its database.

This website also allows users to receive job offers from Michelin via e-mail, according to the preselected criteria by the user.

Users are committed to comply with applicable regulations of the country in which they use the services provided of the website. Particularly, they will avoid presenting any document, data or information that is considered defamatory or insulting, false, illicit, incorrect or harmful to the public order and public decency or the sites’ operation.

Michelin reserves the right to eliminate applications that are demonstrated to be contrary to the public order, public decency and to undertake legal actions against any user that commits an action that may infringe these dispositions or the law and current regulations.

Michelin grants the right to download, print and use the content aligned to the following conditions: (i) is there is an available downloading function, (ii) if the content is used with non-commercial purposes, (iii) in good terms and (iv) if the property warnings are left intact as well as the online publishing date that is shown in the content where the information is shown. This right must not be interpreted by any means as a license concession, particularly in relation of a trademark or logo.

Any third-party content, as defined in Article 3.2, will be subject of the third-party relevant terms.

2.3 Restrictions of usage

Unless Michelin specifically authorizes it, the replica, representation and usage that is not mentioned below is strictly prohibited:

User is reminded of the prohibition of the following acts:

Any user that infringes upon this legal warning is responsible of prosecution according to copyright, violation of similar rights and/or violation of database producers and automatic data processing systems.


3.1 General

The content (that includes information, photos, text, files, graphics, data, software, databases, API, images, videos, soundtracks, commercial brands, logos, as well as all forms of mentioned components) and the real website itself is protected by the copyright and trademark. The content is exclusive property of its editor. Any copy, replica, representation, usage, adaptation, change, modification, translation and broadcasting of its partial or total content from Michelin or a third-party is fully protected. In any case, it is illegal, despite of the limited rights granted to the user according to Article 4 below and or/ any private copy reserved for the use of its representative. The content f this website is subject of modification without previous warning and is published with no type of guarantee, explicit or implicit, and cannot take place to any compensation right. The content is protected by the copyright of its partners. Logos are trademarks.

3.2 Additional rules related to third-party content

Some “third-party contents” that include, amongst other information, text, files, images, graphics, software, database, API, data, soundtracks, videos, photographs, links, third-party websites, darabase sources of social media, sources of blog postings and library data and dictionary and other contents and materials, in any format, obtained or derived of third-party sources outside of Michelin) can be available to you through, in or in relation to the website. Copyright and license of use related to third-party content are determined by third-party relevant terms.


To exchange e-mail information with Michelin, you must complete the available forms available on the website. Michelin responses to e-mails and provision of access to the website and its content may not be considered representative of proof of any advertising, promotional or sales activity of the user’s country.


Please consult our privacy and cookies policies.

Our website may contain links to other Internet sites, Michelin does not share your personal data with such sites, except when social media buttons or complements are used, If you click on a link to any of those sites, you are subject of its privacy practices over which Michelin has no assume any responsibility.


6.1 General limitation

Unless it has been prohibited by local law, the website, published contente and available facts through the website is provided in the set of vacancies, reagent status or vaccines, the responsibility of any of the partsor contents and/or website. Michelin cannor be responsible of contamination, including but not limited to its computing resources, result of propagation of viruses or other infections. Its responsibility consists of taking appropriate protective measures towards its computing resources. Michelin, as well as its directors, employees, agents, vendors or business partners mentioned in the website may nor be responsible of any damage, direct or independent of any damage, any loss particularly of financial or commercial nature result of the (no) access and/or use of the website and any other information obtained by the website, including but not limited to the third-party contents (mentioned in article 3.2 above).

6.2 Additional restrictions related to third-parties and website

The website may contain simple or integrated links towards third-party content, with authorization of such parties, you recognize that michelin is not responsible and is not obligated to any control, monitoring or corrective action of others; besides. Michelin is not responsible of any direct or indirect damage caused by its accessibility, belonging, availability, content, advertisement, products and/or services avalable on or from these websites. As a result, michelin will not have any responsibility os any kind caused by the (no) access, (no) use of third-party content and/or lack of site reglamentation. Michelin can update, change or modify the website as a result of unavailability of third-parties’content or sites. Michelin may stop granting access to third parties’ content or websites with no responsibility to you or the company.


Any dispute related to the website or this legal warning will be taken to the Mexican Courts. The dispute will be interpreted in accordance to the Mexican law regarding the content, independently of law conflicts. The use of the website implies the express consent of the user for the application of this article. In case one of the terms of this legal information is considered illegal, null, invalid or inapplicable for any reason, will not be considered as part of this legal notice and will not affect the validity or application of other terms.


DATE : November 2019

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